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Purpose Of Life—My Answer

You want to make money? Make sure to understand this.


Focus on progress

We are taught to only focus on perfection. The issue is: we learn, so or later, that perfection doesn't exist. My experiences led me to focus on progress instead. Give it a try!


Writing your mission statement is crucial

It’s vital to the people that make up your organisation, so everyone understands their function and how they fit in the business’ vision and the big picture.


Positioning is an act of courage

Positioning is answering the question: “How do I become less interchangeable in the mind of my customers/audience?”


Why is it so hard to tell our story?

What you don’t realise is billions of people have never heard of you or your story. Nobody has ever experienced life the way you’re experiencing it.


Choosing yourself is OK

Everything can really be challenging. Something that helped me keep my balance is learning to say ‘No.’ without feeling sorry about it.


Accountability, be public about it

When you announce your goal to the world, even the less interested people are going to check your progress. That pressure is different.


The moment is now

You rarely say: “oh I regret linking up with that person.”, “I am disappointed in myself because I said something.” Funny ain’t it?


Empathy—The importance of being there

Managers, advisors, consultants: don’t ignore the power of empathy. What your client is asking you and expecting from you is empathy.

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