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June 21st 2021
❤️ self-love
I stopped smoking. For real.

June 16th 2021, I bought a vaporiser (NOT liquid) to consume my herbs instead of mixing it with tobacco and burning it.

I am going to write about it and add the link of the article below when it is ready.

November 28th 2021
❤️ self-love
Today 22:00, I decided to shift my lifestyle drastically. After reading a lot of research and documentation concerning fasting, I choose to experiment on myself.

I successfully stopped smoking (I didn't smoke since June), I want to do more. I want to change who I am. Significantly. Reconnect with what it means to be human.

Beside water and tea, that's the only thing that I am planning to drink this week. Will look for liquid solution as long as I keep finding new info during my research.

December 1st 2021
🚀 Product launch
When it comes to financial freedom, my strategy is clear: I need client works (drive) and develop products or productise services.

Today I made a good step in the right direction by officially publishing my first line of digital products online.
Wallpaper to help you stay focus and crush your goals.
Wallpaper to help you stay focus and crush your goals — Art is the fruit of my imagination.
Wallpaper to help you stay focus and crush your goals — Do Not Play Yourself.
February 7th 2021
❤️ self-love
I bought a subscription to the gym.
A picture of Slick Zaddy aka FMRGZ aka The Architect ready to perform an one arm pull at the seated low row cable.