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November 2, 2021

Writing your mission statement is crucial

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A mission statement shapes the culture of your artistry and, by extension, your business.

It’s internal to your organisation.

For a deeper connection with potential fans, I highly recommend sharing it on their social bio, a website about page, etc.

But understand that this is more important for you and your team.

It’s like a north start that helps you navigate your career.

It’s a picture of your mindset that will continually drive your business forward.

For example: When you’re about to start a new project, take a look at your mission statement and see if the concept of the project matches your mission.

If it doesn’t, work on it.

Another example would be you evaluating a potential partnership with a brand.

If their mission doesn’t match or complement yours, it might not be a good idea to move forward with them.

Your brand might suffer from that collaboration.

Your mission statement needs to be short.

In the last episode, I took the example of the British artist Cat Burns.

Her mission statement is “[I am] helping you get through shit one song at a time.” — it’s simple to read, say and understand.

A mission statement is nothing complicated or complex.

A mission statement describes your business’s core purpose. It’s public.

It’s vital to the people that make up your organisation, so everyone understands their function and how they fit in the business’ vision and the big picture.

To craft your positioning statement, you will need to know and understand your mission statement, value proposition, etc.

Because its function is to “sell” the features that differentiate you from competitors and make you the best in the industry in specific situations/scenarios.

On the other hand, the mission statement should never take your competitors into account.

It should only focus on the business reason to exist.

To summarise:

A mission statement explains why you’re doing what you’re doing.

A mission statement describes the purpose of your business.

A mission statement is public.

It is necessary and crucial. I don’t recommend you to move forward without one.

Take care 🌹

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